Video surveillance systems in many facilities require anti-corrosive enclosures to withstand the corrosive and harsh environment. For example, for marine applications, the corrosion of salt water would easily cause rust and damage the system. The same challenge is also encountered in indoor applications where sanitary environment is important like food processing, clean room manufacturing because corrosive chemical cleaner might be applied to ensure the cleanness of the operating area.

Due to the inevitable corrosive environment and its high value, finding a highly durable but flexible video surveillance system for these critical facilities becomes difficult but crucial.


Design to withstand most corrosive environment, LonTrend stainless steel/ explosion proof series give you the flexibility to upgrade the most suitable camera for your case. The high durability and easy clean characteristic of stainless steel prevent the damage of corrosive material, moisture from the installation area. Nitrogen filled is also optional to further avoid internal corrosion and reduce the risk of explosion.


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