In society nowadays, more and more people live in urban. To ensure the safety of the majority of citizens, preventing the threat of vandalism, gang violence and even terrorism in cities becomes the challenge that every government body needs to face. In addition, big city almost becomes the synonym of terrible traffic. Traffic monitoring is also an important factor when planning the video surveillance network.

As a consequence, a 24 hours day and night and zero-blind-spot monitoring system is essential. Besides, this system needs to satisfy the complex need due to the dynamic and complex outdoor environment of the urban environment.


LonTrend provides a series of IR solutions to guarantee day and night continuous monitoring. No matter it is built-in IR housing or independent external IR, we have the solution that suits your situation. Except for full range of IR and housings, LonTrend positioning system series enables municipalities to design their security network with fewer cameras but cover wider area. To deal with the diverse installation environment, LonTrend mounts satisfy all you need when install.


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