LTPM06U is a high-performance PT unit dedicated for applications where multiple payloads are required on a single mast. Its robust design with fast rotation speed (pan till 60˚/s, tilt 30˚/s) makes it ideal for defense, border, oil refineries or military applications. Essentially unit acts as a static mast extension where an additional payload can be placed on top. Payloads of the LTPM06U unit, such as radar, have endless rotation on pan axis and a range of at least ±20˚ on tilt axis. Its static top mount can carry up to 50 kg of additional load. This design is used for a top mounted multi- sensor with a separate pan-tilt unit.

LTPM06U pan-tilt has a wide speed range and a double motor warm gear mechanism design promises uncompromised accuracy.

LonTrend Corporation provides high standard of customization support capability on wiring, mounting way, rotation range and speed, etc. Please consult with LonTrend Sales Team for project inquiries immediately.

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