LonTrend proudly introduces the LTPM13 series high-speed precision heavy-duty pan tilt unit incorporates cutting-edge opto-mechatronic integration technologies from various industries. With its robust, high-precision, gapless mechanical structure design and high-torque servo power device, it achieves high-speed and precise operation with an impressive 200 kg payload capacity, effectively reconciling the trade-offs between precision, speed, and load capacity.
Crafted from high-strength aluminum alloy, the main body of the LTPM13 unit combines large load capacity with a lightweight design, ensuring both durability and portability.

Featuring high sealing and internal and external air pressure balance measures, the LTPM13 unit provides reliable isolation from the external environment, making it ideal for prolonged use in extreme conditions such as temperature variations, plateaus, deserts, wetlands, heavy rain, and other harsh environments.

The LTPM13 series is tailored for various fields including precision observation, unmanned aerial vehicle countermeasures, laser communication, digital border defense, radar-optoelectronic linkage, forest fire prevention, high-speed object tracking, aircraft safety, remote deterrence, and more. Its versatility allows for fixed-point, vehicle-mounted, and ship-mounted applications.

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