LonTrend proudly introduces the LTES06 Series, a pinnacle of innovation designed to excel in diverse environments, from coastal installations to seaport facilities. With an IP68 weatherproof rating and an anti-corrosive build, this series ensures resilience in challenging conditions.

Setting a new standard in adaptability, the LTES06 Series supports personalized requests, including dimensions, materials, IR, wiper, heater, blower, and sunshield configurations. This flexibility allows seamless integration across a spectrum of applications, meeting the unique demands of different projects.

In addition to its outdoor prowess, LonTrend offers the LTES06 Series as the best upgrade solution for normal indoor and bullet-type CCTV/IP cameras. Elevate the performance of your existing surveillance systems with LonTrend's cutting-edge technology, ensuring top-notch reliability and style for harsh enviroment security applications.

Boasting zero maintenance costs and backed by a 3-year warranty, LonTrend prioritizes reliability in various installations. The LTES06 Series not only delivers top-notch technical performance but also adds an elegant touch to its surroundings. The sleek design complements the sophistication of different settings while ensuring robust construction for long-lasting durability.

Experience the future of outdoor solutions and CCTV/IP camera upgrades with LonTrend's commitment to excellence across varied applications.

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Specialized in industrial precision, Lontrend Corporation succeeds its culture and mission - anticipating and exceeding customers’ expectations, is leading the way in die-cast security devices with cutting edge innovations, superior performance and the broadest selection. Business started over 30 years, LonTrend is a Taiwan-based precision and manufacturing company. For more information about LonTrend Corporation, please visit our website www.lontrend.com.

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